Stone Crushing Industry Spares


AMPI manufactures all types of casting spares required in the Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI) and Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI). Our products are built to sustain maximum functional wear 8 tear. The company makes products for all types of makes across the globe and the products are guaranteed for fitment, finish 8 design.

We make a thorough analysis of your wear situation and prepare a verified diagnosis and develop proposals based on our findings. AMPL then works with you to supply the best alloy and these parts deliver an extended service life. from significantly increased resistance to wear, impact, corrosion and heat. Everything is focused on reducing your wear costs.

AMPL’s 27% chrome white iron and manganese spares have continually lasted beyond customer expectations and earned the company a reputation for casting the highest quality products in the market today. Chromium, Manganese, Carbon and Molybdenum and kept at optimum levels for best performance. The chemistry has been standardized and is proven . Every heat is checked by online spectrometer before pouring. The standard chemistry will only change upon specific request of customer for extreme conditions. The above items are also normalized and tempered for optimum results. The heat treatment cycle is proven and made standard for all products.

Horizontal Shaft Impactor (H.S.I) :

  • Blowbar / Hammer
  • Curtain Liner & Body Liners
  • Grinding Path Liner


  • Distributor Plate
  • Feed Eye Ring
  • Back Up Tip
  • TCWP Middle / Outer Reversible Plate
  • Distributor Bolt
  • Top Wear Plate
  • TIP / Cavity Wears Plate
  • Feed Tube
  • Upper Wear Plate
  • Trial Plate Wide

Batching plant :

Hot Mix Plant :

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