Spearheaded by two visionary directors, VKA Group started as a humble foundry by the name of “Aurangabad Metal Products Pvt. Ltd.” almost thirty years ago. From being a family start-up, this company today enjoys the strongest bond with its customers across the globe. With unmatched customer service as a given, the company commands the respect of all associated with it.

Since 1977, the growing expertise and confidence of the Group in the field of casting and heat treatment, has been noticed and appreciated by manufacturing industries like seamless tube, automotive ,steel,forging and mining. From a humble team of a handful of people with a dream, to a workforce of over 100 supervised by many experienced engineers and consultants, VKA Group guanrantees absolute customer satisfaction and unmatched quality products. Having nurtured a well knit team of people the Group stands on a strong foundation of highly experienced & qualified professionals

Working with the VKA Group –

From being just manufacturers and suppliers to conglomerates, today the Group enjoys a reputation of being a complete solutions provider in the casting and heat treatment industry.

At VKA Group the promise is more than just products on time. It is a commitment to understanding client needs and providing solutions that deliver beyond their expectations.

A few highlights are –

  • Quadrupled growth since 2004
  • Forecast to further triple casting production by 2018
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial relationship over decades with clients
  • Extensive market study & knowledge of materials & realty to maximise gains
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Aurangabad Metal Products Pvt. Ltd

Spearheaded by two visionary directors, AMP started more than thirty years ago. AMP manufactures a wide range of alloy steel castings having its primary focus on the seamless tube and mining industry.


Aggarwal Soundcast Pvt. Ltd.

Building on the experience and brand of AMP, VKA group started ASC in the year 2009. ASC primarily manufactures heat resistant castings for the auto component and forging industry. In just over 5 years ASC has a client base of over 100 customers in India and abroad.


VSPN Technology

Recognizing the opportunity in trade, VSPN was setup over fifteen years ago as a support function. Since then it has done well in trading stainless steel scrap, metals and ferro alloys.


HANS Investments

The VKA Group has always believed in ‘a feet on the ground, and heads in the sky.’ This has always got them to look for investment oppurtunities that gives them growth based on security. The Group today boasts of a land bank of a 150 acres in rural India, almost 20,000 sq. ft. of commercial & 25,000 sq. ft. of prime residential property in the business hub of India, Mumbai.