Seamless Tube Toolings

Our process

Aurangabad Metal has two and a half decades of experience in manufacturing ready to use toolings for all types of seamless tube mills. The company maintains the highest levels of quality at every step of the processes, namely:

  • Melting Process
  • Moulding Process
  • Pouring
  • Shot Blasting
  • Fettling Process
  • Machining Process
  • Heat Treatment & Finishing
  • Packaging & Shipping

VKA group has been manufacturing seamless tube tooling for the past 3 decades.

Manufacturing of Seamless tube tooling is carried out in the plant – Aurangabad Metal Products Pvt Ltd.

Amppl has been supplying seamless tube tooling to all the seamless tube manufacturers in India.  AMPPL is also exporting seamless tube tooling to many mill manufacturers in europe & U.S.A.

Amppl manufactures various types of seamless tube tooling like piercer plug , guide shoe , reeler plug , elongator plug , work plug.

Piercer Plugs

Guide Shoes :

Work Plugs :

Reeler Plugs :

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